Sunday, 19 April 2015

Checked: New Balance - Ultra Hooded Jacket

Out-layer insulations alike New Balance’s Ultra Hooded need to be light, simple and proficient. It’s that kind of jogging utensil that needs to be stored away quickly and effortlessly. It’s the one thing you want when the weather hits. No matter if you face rain, wind, slush, or sometimes snow. The Ultra Hooded is made just for that.

A well fabricated and well designed all-weather skin that, once it’s folded, finds space in every pocket. I use this jacket during long runs on trails and on roads. It’s effective and straightforward. The adjustable hood is my favourite. It saved me during some pretty rainy jogs.

Long story short – this one is a true styler that is highly purposeful on top of it all. Well played.

Constructed adjustable hood

Bonded front zip chest pocket

100% Nylon

Color reflective logos and trim

Some partner for wet, cool conditions

From Boston with love - New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

Breathable, packable, light, wind and water resistant.

Lightweight and durable

Running Nijmegens Outskirts

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Shoeporn: Skechers - GoRun 4

“Oh does Britney want to go for a run?” or “Ups, you’re jogging again?”

It certainly is not stress-free to show up for a group run with the lads sporting Skechers running shoes. Image definitely has a lot to do with how you perceive. These days US shoe brand Skechers is still associated with something else then proper, and by any means proper, running shoes. But a lot has happened since they first released a performance shoe line in 2011. I had the chance to run the GoRun 2 and after positive encounters with these shoes I was pumped to try the GoRun 4.

If you are following (elite) running a bit closer you will see Meb Keflezighi and Kara Goucher on the front of a big worldwide marketing push towards severe running. With latest recruits of famous players such as US die-hard marathoner and world-class blogger Nate Jenkins together with highly talented German triathlete Nils Frommhold, plus one of my all time favourite triathletes Paul Amey, you know that these people from Californias Manhattan Beach are serious.

But lets looks at the raw produce – the GoRun 4. The GoRun had to undergo some changes since the first release. I don’t want to come up with a full judgment to the former models because there are simply too many changes to the previous shoes. For myself I always look at the drop of a shoe first. 8mm is the variance between the back and the front of the shoe. It’s a bit much for my likes but still at an tolerable level. Besides that the new version is slightly heavier then the old ones. But with simply 227 grams (size 12) this is still a very light shoe.

I liked the feeling of the shoe just straight from the start. Just like the older models the mesh and the shaping of the shoe suits me very well. Although it is a little bit thicker now. The sensation is distinctive and could be described as loose and soft. But this would imply that you do not have a structured shoe. The shoe still feels snug and the thin materials make up for good support nonetheless. To get a bit lower to the ground, I took out the insole which, according to the Skechers website, is meant to create more space in the shoe. It certainly creates more space but I favoured the more direct feeling by taking out the insole.

Perhaps the major apprise to the GoRun 4 is the sole. Its thicker and particularly on the middle Skechers upraised the game significantly. Surely the more cushion plays into the more weight part but it is a well-applied feature. As I strike with the forefoot I wouldn’t need to have the “Resalyte midsole“ but it adds to the stability and performance. I played around with it for quite a while with different running styles and ways to hit the ground and it’s a nice bouncy feel without being unnatural. I ran the shoe on gravel roads, tarmac and technical trail. While this shoe is a road running shoe I had zero problems guiding the soft sole around dry rocks. When it comes to rainy, rocky trails this wouldn’t be the best choice.

Just like the former model, I liked this shoe for being a light day-to-day training buddy. From Skechers first approach towards the GoRun series this is certainly a step away from the minimalistic trend towards a heavier shoe. With a stiffer upper and a thicker sole the direction is absolutely not minimal anymore. Still the Skechers GoRun 4 makes a great training buddy that enjoys a fast ride on a daily basis. I had zero problems when it comes to fitting and chafing and whatsoever. This is a shoe that is fun and surprised during every run. Lets see how long it takes until Skechers wont get any Britney related comments anymore…

This is the 4th version of the GoRun Series
Good traction - softish feeling
The typical style of the GoRun series. Now with some more cushion in the middle
Resalyte Midsole
Nice little feature - QuickFit Portal
Sunbathing Skechers
Fastlane access - QuickFit Portal
Just one of five colorways
Radically lightweight

Tune of the day: The Meters - Cissy Strut

Monday, 13 April 2015

La Côte d’azur

It is a annually procedural amongst our group of friends. Fill up the cars with bikes and running shoes. Drive 'em down south to the French Riviera. Train heaps, eat masses and laugh loads.

Unquestionably some things do never change and so I’m just back home with worn-out legs and uniquely positive memoirs from yet another training get-together besides the sun filled Côte d'Azur.

In addition to quality exercising and worthy resting, we had the chance to shot some pleasant pics. I will upload some throughout the following days. They surely express more than thousand words. The raw statistics can be found on Strava.

À bientôt!

Morning Routine - Lange, Bazlen, Eberhard and the sun

Lefty - Roads are not that busy

Facing some afternoon sun

Weapons of choice

7 Bikes and some bags - VW Tetris

Usual morning jog with my ÖtillÖ '15 partner Knut

Trailerparkcamp Essential (not the emoty glass...)

Tanning made easy

No Chlorine - our pool!

Cycling made easy

Oh you beautiful Mediterranean

Sunday, 12 April 2015

tested: Norröna - Bitihorn dri1 jacket

Straight from the first hint I was hooked with this slice of gear. It may be the modest but efficient handling and splendid stylishness? It might be the extremely light breathable performance of just 214 grams (!)? It might be the hands-on and fitting approach towards an all-weather waterproof hooded jacket? It could be the fact that it does not matter where you use it? Riding on the road or off the tarmac paths? Running in dry and windy conditions or in rain. The up-to-date bitihorn dri1 jacket by Norwegian outdoor powerhouse Norrøna is a cover that did not dissatisfy me at all.

As seen beforehand with Norrøna stuffs this rain-jacket is a monster when it comes to quality. The pockets, the pit zips for effective under-arm ventilation, the superb taped seams, the pockets, the cut – all made with an intention and finished with an class manufacture. Having a daily running jacket you want it to be unflawed. Zippers need to move easy and straps needs to be fixed the way you want them. While outdoors the adjustment needs to be stress-free and straightforward. A hard pull should not kill the jacket and the fabrics shouldn’t burst while scratching rock or plants. I found the newest bitihorn creation to be exactly that - a very trustworthy partner that helps and supports in every situation while being outdoors.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


"Everyday there's something that reminds me why I love this sport."
Bernard -Le Blaireau- Hinault