Friday, 6 February 2009

resting pulse

im not a "heart rate guy" at all.

for training i usually use the sensor of my polar watch (the 400 something series...) to get the mileage and the speed. that is more than enough for me. i don’t want complicate things so running with too much information is not good for me.
i try to run by feeling and not by the signals of a watch.
there are some nice features in the watch anyway. as i like to do time interval’s. with the watch i can programm the alarms beforehand. so i can just concentrate on the run. the watch tells me when to stop and when to go on after the breaks. that’s a really handy feature.

every now and then i use the heart rate function just to get my resting pulse. my resting pulse was never under 40. after a couple of months of training i just did the test yesterday night. this morning my watch showed me a resting pulse of 39. im pretty happy with that. i don’t overrate things like this but it gives me a little indication that training is going OK so far.

finally im a bit of a "heart rate guy" somehow...

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  1. Definitely a sign you are building up great stamina and good fitness in general!!!

    by the way is a pretty long time I don't do that test myself, I have to remember to try it one of the next mornings.


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