Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday - Day two at the Big brother house

This morning was time for some speed. We ran a long warm up with a couple of sprints. Then it was time for 2 x 20' fast. Pretty tough for me as the temperature was rising fast too. Cool Down was a easy jog home on the beach plus a dip in a cool atlantic.

Again i jogged 30' around the local golf course in the evening.


  1. sounds good, I guess was a 2x20' and not 20" ... anyhow follow Uli, and in Rotterdam you will fly man!!!

    hope you are doing a couple of nice pictures ... here I have snow around, and I envy you a "little" bit!!!

    anyhow today time to go back to Dublin, is not Florida (really?) but is a little warmer than here!!!

    take care,
    crazy Germans

  2. 20 looooong seconds ;-)

    We keep it easy down here... Enjoy the rain in Dublin ;-)

  3. just back to Dublin,
    no rain ... for the moment :)
    finger crossed, tomorrow easy with adry!!!

    so did you make up your mind for the pace at the 10k race? I'm sure you will do well!!!


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