Monday, 27 April 2009

Summary: Week 17/2009 - 73k

i´m slightly (very very slightly...) increasing the weekly mileage.

got a longer one (23k) in on wednesday and never went out longer than one hour in general. im mainly cruising on easy speed. also i allowed myself two days off. luxury?

this week i'll add the first fast sessions on the track and im looking forward to the BHAA RTE RR 5mile this saturday in donnybrook, dublin.

all good so far (instead of the weather...)


  1. I there, let's run soon together ..

    in the meantime about your sentence during a chat online: "it's all about NY for me"

    ..well ... for me too ;)

  2. Yes! It's up to you - new York, new York!

    Nice one simo.

    Looking forward to that.

    Spaghetti funk meets killer krauts!

  3. Simone - stop fucking around doing too many Marathons. Come to NYC and rip it!



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