Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Racereport: Trollinger Half-Marathon Heilbronn

1:30:36. Thats the sad turnout of this sundays 21k around my hometown heilbronn in germany.

and it´s all about a allergy thats in me and i havent paid attention - hay fever.

i was over in germany since friday. the weather was very "irish", pre-race training was fine and gave me the rest of motivation for the race on sunday. the legs felt great and relaxed. i was waiting for the battle.

my target was to get my half marathon PB down to sub 80 minutes. after this years rotterdam marathon with a very defensive half marathon split of low 83 i was confident to reach this target. i know the course as it was a regular training route when i lived in heilbronn.

when i went to bed on saturday evening my body reminded me on a infection thats in me and i havent had since i live in ireland - hay fever. my nose was blocked and i had the usual symptoms. sleep wasnt great but i didnt really thought about the problems. i was looking forward to run.

race morning saw 30 degrees celsius (=86 fahrenheit) and no clouds. at the start area i warmed up and reached my block just wright for sound of the gun. the run started and after a couple of metres there was a big group. this group splited after 3k and i was running with the second group. the pace was fine but i started to get problems breathing in. the problem got bigger and bigger. my eyes started to get itchy and i couldnt breath in as normal. the grasses had me and slowed me down. i couldnt really relax and just fought on. it was impossible to hold the speed i wanted to run.

my dad was waiting with the bike shortly after the 18k mark. when i saw him i walked a bit and had something to drink. i was frustrated and disappointed. the midday sun was hitting hard aswell and i continued my little "jog" to the finish line.

what a silly mistake - lesson learned. again.


  1. Digger, das nervt! Kopf hoch, die Pollen gehen vorbei, deine Laufform wird nur besser...
    Sag mal ein Datum an für den 10k swim.

  2. Hi Markus,
    don't worry, be patience, and what else you could have done?
    Anyhow the sub 80' is totally in your potential at the moment, next one (best if in Ireland) will be the good one.

    hope to catch you during the week!

  3. @ fabse: 15.08.2009 - 7,4 miles. Need to check if they allow wetsuits for that thing. Get a bunch of guys over. I expect you and steffen ;-)

    @ simo: not here over the weekend. Might be around the Docklands tonight for the 8k...


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