Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Lion sleeps tonight

generaly speaking i´m not a huge fan of special diet´s or nutrition.

the only "specials" i use are gel´s. the only brand that does the job for me there is from switzerland and is called SPONSER (NOT sponsor...). their stuff is brilliant and after tests with losts of different brands my stomach elected SPONSER. i never looked back since.

with a full-time job and full-time training recovery is not very easy. lack of sleep and long hard working days in the office combined with running in the evenings dont support rest very much. so i thought about giving the body a bit help. sure, sleep is the best thing but at the moment i try a "recovery" drink.

a friend suggested the new PowerBar and Lion (yes, the deadly bar!) recovery drink. after a weeks of using it i´m pretty happy. i dont actually feel a boost in general but it seems that the protein gives my body a bit of extra recovery. i tried another protein drink a year ago and throw it away after the first sip. the lion/powerbar thingy taste just brilliant.

is the lion really sleeping?


  1. Try chocolate milk (self made with real chocolate).

  2. Good to see you on the right side, the injury free one, obviously.

    I may be on that as well, just last few feedback of soreness, still easy-super-easy with running but good cycling and swimming. Today 100km by bike, my longest ride ever.

    Look forward for a run out there in Dublin with you, thursday I'm flying to Dub


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