Sunday, 16 August 2009

Racereport: Frank Duffy 10 mile, Dublin, Ireland

This one was for the "Write Off" section again. Overall a bad race for me. The only positive thing was that i didn´t quit. I was thinking of it from mile 2 to 5.

Mentally and body wise i´m not up to speed. I knew that i wouldn´t PB in this one but a 01:03:32 is worser than i expected.

It was tough but i never really got out of the "comfort zone", never really got the whole thing rolling, never was relaxed. The flu shocked my body more than i thought. Even mentally i wasn´t there. Just jogged the thing home at end.

Now it´s heads up and work hard to get back in shape. I don´t need performances like this.

Thanks to Darren and for capturing that jog ;-)

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  1. Don't worry Markus, racing is an up and down, and after a cold, you cannot pretend much!!!
    I'll be in Dublin from Monday evening, let's meet a pint or in the worst case a run on Saturday!!!
    I'm still doing many short run, I think I can try a slow 1h30 or so .. have to try early or late :D


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