Sunday, 22 November 2009

Recap WK 46

the first week with decent training is over. the legs are still in great shape and im glad that i have one more race ahead of me - la saintelyon.

these days i try to get as much cross training in as i can. swimming is fun. during my triathlon days it was a necessary but sometimes annoying thing. at the moment i really enjoy a dip in the pool.
Recap WK46
Total 80k with 7 runs in 7 day

Monday - Easy - 12k ('30 Ergotrainer)
Tuesday - Easy - 13k
Wednesday - Easy - 14k
Thursday - Easy - 8k
Friday - Easy - 12k ('60 swim)
Saturday - Easy - 9k ('30 swim)
Sunday - Moderate - 12k ('30 swim)
orbital played in dublin last weekend - remarkable gig

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