Wednesday, 4 May 2011

True love never dies!

Sometimes it is weird how i loose interest in shoes and then suddenly feel the love again. One prime example is this 2 year old pair of Nike Zoom Streak XC. I bought it as a 30$ bargain at the Expo of the Gate River Run in Jacksonville. I forgot my pair of racing flats at home while training in Florida and had to get a fast and cheap solution to run the 15k.

Since the race i haven't really used the pair that much but after a couple of outings in the gym i really liked them again. Some runs later i have to say that i am really amazed. The plain shoe is fun on and off road.
Our love with last forever, true love
True love never dies!
We'll always be together.
True love.


  1. Do you have these in a 8.5us or 9us by any chance? or know if can still buy them? I want them bad, I miss them!

  2. I do not have them in this size. I have 2 pair i US13.
    I think you should be able to get them on ebay. I also would contact running warehouse. They should be able to help or direct you!

  3. go to runing warehouse ebay wont have them...


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