Monday, 7 November 2011

Compression Session feat. CEP

The latest addition to the RUnssel household just landed at my doorsteps.

I use CEP Socks in all sessions anyway and so I was more than thrilled when the great folks at CEP gave me the chance to use their products.

After some niggles last year and earlier on this year I was using compression in each training session and I think that together with a steady stretching routine I managed to stay injury free.

In the past I was using numerous other brands (Nike, 2XU, Skins...) and permanently ended up wearing CEP as they are unquestionably the market leader for compression gear - no doubt.

I know that people discuss the look of compression socks controversial. I personally swear on the socks in training and as a recovery tool but I still recall Hendrik Ramaala’s quote when it comes to a races: "Compressions Socks? They let you look soft!"

CEP Website
CEP Facebook

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