Monday, 16 July 2012

Racereport 2012-11: 6ta Maraton de Quito

4:04 am - Why is this alarm set up so early? Damn!

4:14 am - Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Putting in some of those Gel thingies. Not my daily routine.

4:48 am - Taxi guy likes to talk about the German National Team at the Copa Europa. I don’t really like to talk about it.

5:01 am - Arrive at the Iglesia de San Francisco together with the dudes from ESPN run and the race director Jorge. So impressive to see the church at night.

5:05 am - The organization sets up the start area. That’s what I call a low key organization – Love it.

5:12 am - I talk to this local fella with his family. Nice people. Still a bit tired. I need to wake up now!

5:19 am - Figure out that I forgot my chip in the hostel. Amateur! I head over to Jorge.

5:21 am - „Du hast Glück!“ perfect German by race organizer Jorge. The timing dudes found a chip and a new number. I will have to change to numero 3. Am I important now?

5:25 am - I meet Alejandro at the start line. All pumped up. The Quito anthem is rocking the empty streets. Great atmosphere.

5:32 am - Bang! Long downhill.

5:41 am - The women leaders overtake me. I already start to feel shit. Where is he bloody oxygen up here?

5:56 am - „Dale Markus, Dale, dale...“ Jorge’s family is standing at the crossroads. Hard to spot myself?

6:07 am - At the La Carolina park. The looping starts here. It is getting brighter! Get this 4 loops done. 

6:09 am - Wow. That street is long. I’m tired. The legs are heavy. Bad thoughts crossing my mind. Hang on.

6:19 am - Cool. The road turns to the right. Love it. Getting even more tired. Loads of little people overtake me. I had better times running.

6:24 am - Oh. The road turns right again.

6:27 am - Water. Nice. Give me loads. Need it.

6:29 am - What? Another right turn.

6:34 am - Shit. Just another long street. Can’t see the end of this thing. Legs getting even heavier. What is going on?

6:37 am – It is so early into the race and I already feel so bad. I pray to all the fallen hero’s and ask for help. Samy Wanjiru, Emil Zatopek, Fritz Walter, Whitney Houston, MC A… I need a miracle!

6:41 am - Wow. That street is really long. And that wind is really strong.

6:45 am - I remember this. I just pass the finish area. Will i reach it? 3 more loops to go.

6:49 am - "Markus! Dale, dale, dale..." Raul’s girlfriend beside the roads looks happier then me.

6:52 am - I stop at the Gatorade stand. I grab 4 cups. I need it. Jaysus. There is not much energy left in me. Did Whitney get my prayers?

6:56 am - "Dale Aleman" This guy was running the 50k last weekend! He remembers me. Standing beside the road cheering. Clever boy.

7:01 am - Wow. The wind is picking up. That stretch doesn’t get shorter, doesn’t it? MC A, help? No?

7:04 am - I don’t like running uphill with these legs. This stretch back the start area is not pleasant.

7:06 am - "Dale, dale, dale, Aleman!" News travel fast. The finish line is getting busy. I pass again and people seem to get the news fast. "Who is this lanky dude looking like a shot deer?"

7:08 am - "Maaaaaaaaarkus!" Alejandros family is giving everything to brighten up my run. They just don’t know how i feel. Why did i sign up for this?

7:11 am - Gatorade again. I walk to refill appropriately.

7:19 am - "Dale Aleman". This 50k guy beside the road has fun. Cheering in the morning sun seems to be the better idea for the day.

7:22 am - Still a lot of wind on that extensive stretch.

7:28 am - "Maaaaaaaaarkus!" What? Alejandros family again. They are faster then me crossing through the park. I need to smile now. I need to. It’s hard.

7:32 am - Nice one legs. You guys start to feel better. Like it. Whitney, MC A?

7:41 am - I completely forgot that I have the ipod in my back-pocket. Usually I don’t do this put I knew this day will be hard. Can do with a bit of extra motivation.

7:42 am - I press play in shuffle mode. Nice! Konflict & MC Kendo Live @ Renegade Hardware 2000. I haven’t listened to that set in ages. Thank you ipod shuffle! It seems that my prayers worked. 

7:45 am - That is music. Love the vibe. Still on of my favorite drum and bass sets of all time. The legs like it as well. All good. Moving in the zone.

7:51 am - I’m getting faster.

7:56 am - I’m getting faster.

8:01 am - Cruise speed. I’m starting to feel good. I have the rhythm.

8:08 am - The sun comes out. Looks like a good day.

8:10 am - "Dale, dale, dale, Aleman!" Passing the starting area. People seem to like Germany. I like Ecuador!

8:19 am - Seems that the road is not that long anymore.

8:21 am - "Schneller Markus, schneller" Jorge stands beside the road and test his German skills another time! He is good! 

8:29 am - Jaysus. This set is so good. I love Konflict! Thanks Kemal and Rob Data!

8:34 am - That’s weird. Why are the legs so good all of a sudden? Anyway...

8:37 am - I like overtaking.

8:38 am - I like running marathons.

8:39 am - I like Quito.

8:40 am - I like my legs.

8:41 am - I like those long roads.

8:42 am - I like this headwind.

8:43 am - I like my Brooks T7s

8:44 am - I like the crowds.

8:45 am - I like La Carolina Park.

8:47 am - Is this the local fella who I was talking to before the start?

8:50 am - I run a bit faster.

8:51 am - It is the local fella who i was talking to before the start!

8:52 am - "Corre conmigo” i shout at him. He doesn't look good.

8:54 am – Turning to the right. Only one turn left to the finishing stretch.

8:56 am - I pass more runners.

9:01 am - I can see the finish line. The crowds beside the road are shouting.

9:02 am - I turn my head. The local fella who I was talking to before the start actually is hanging on. 

9:03 am - The people shout. The local fella who I was talking to before the start comes up on my left. 

9:04 am - My calf’s don’t like this sprint.

9:05 am - Playmobil meets Lego. The local fella who I was talking to before the start and I shake hands
a laugh.

9:06 am - The local fella who I was talking to before the start and I have to take a picture for all the press waiting at the finish.

9:07 am - I just hope there is no footage of me sprinting available. Must have looked ugly.

9:08 am - The ESPN dudes ask me some questions.

9:10 am - I walk over to the massage tent and meet Raul and his girlfriend. I’m tired. I just want to sit down.

9:14 am - Pamela in the massage tent is smiling. I can look relaxed as well. This is not my usual Sunday activity!

9:18 am - Don’t touch my calf’s. It hurts. It hurts a lot.

9:31 am - I walk to the bus with the bags. I have to take pictures with lots of people I don’t know. They seem to be happy. I just need food.

9:42 am - I buy a fruit salad.

9:45 am - I buy another fruit salad.

9:48 am - I have to take a picture with some Columbians.

9:53 am - I buy another fruit salad.

9:59 am - I meet my friends from Otavalo. Great people. We take more pictures.

10:06 am - I walk home. What a great day. Running a marathon 2,9 kilometer above the fish is tough.


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