Sunday, 18 January 2009

Racereport: Naas Wheelworx Dirty Weekend Duathlon. 18.01.2009

it was a cold but lovely and sunny morning. i decided to cycle the 10 k to the start just a littlebit outside the town where i life, naas. the roads where frosty and so a bit slippery. all the fields and the wicklow mountains where covered with a tiny bit of snow. a beautiful scenery.

when i entered the transition zone in front of the main stand at punchestown race course there wasn´t a sign of any bikes! i met rob ("triathlete´s cant bike!") and he told me that they cancelled the duathlon and instead of going out for the run-bobsleigh-run competition there will be a run only race around the ambulace track. duathlon cancelled!

the weather turned lousy: rain, snow and wind. it got worser and worser. a good decision to cancel the duathlon. sp everybody got ready for the run and lined up in the rain.

the start pace was very defensive so there was a little lead group of 8 guys travelling during the first of the three laps. i hang in there and it was very handy to draft in the group as the wind got heavier and heavier. the first round was over and the tempo increased. i had to pay tribute to 2 day in a row speed sessions and fought my way to 6th place in a time of 38:37. nobody really knows how long the run was. i suppose it was around 10.5 k.

shortly after my finish it started to rain and storm again. i just got a very handy lift back home and went directly under the shower where i remained for 2 hours ;-)

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  1. Good one, better without risking anything with this wind! And nothing compared to yesterday.
    Our hill sprint session was memorable, isn't it? ... ok ok, kind of!

    fair play for your race, after two days of speed and hill sprints, it was all but not the best to do.

    by my side, I was a bit busy with finishing the moving and a bit lazy at the time I had to go, and I skipped my long today.

    let's speak about a long next friday or sunday as part of the race ... like 8 easy Ks before, 5mile race (so other 8k) and then other 10 easy k!!! all around Clontarf should be nice.

    let's talk about it,
    take it easy,



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