Monday, 30 March 2009

"Oh - that calf is stif..."

was one of the first sentences my physiotherapist jana told me today. my calf is not the best but as previous said not to bad. after some stretching, electro therapy and NHL talking (jana is a true expert in that aswell...) the calf felt much better.

at the moment i try to keep it warm all the time and get a good amount of stretching in. my last treatment will be on thursday. after that my calf should be back to normal business again. its just a pain that such things happen so short before a race.

i averaged 100k weeks for months and now, so short before the race, i have to pay. kind of unfair ;-)


  1. come on come on, will be all ok in Rotterdam.
    Maybe this little problem is forcing you to a little extra rest that will be useful in Rotterdam
    You did your homework, settled down the calf all will be ready!!!

    I'll follow you in Rotterdam, I guess they have on TV and live intermediate time.

    talk soon,

  2. calf is alright. Up for damage in Rotterdam. Was running yesterday and felt fine.

    Race is live on universal sports. Will post a link today.



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