Saturday, 14 March 2009

Saturday - day seven at the big brother house

Time for some action! Gate river run, Jacksonville. The US 15 k champs.
A really foggy morning was the opener for the race today. A huge field (around 15.000) lined up. Uli and i had seeded numbers so we were aloud to start from the front section. Beside us was a good bunch of US pros. A bit scary to see all those super fast guys around. Anyway. The race was brilliant. A windy but exciting route through Jacksonville with a brilliant support from the locals.

For me the race was tough as the legs have a huge amount of kilometers in this week. Bill Rodgers warned Uli and me the day before. The last bridge would be the killer. He was right. That blue thing was a true killer.

Finally I ended up with a 56:13 time. It's ok as the race was just part of our little trainig holiday. Uli clocked a 51:46.

Now we are back in daytona to enjoy the sun and a bit of running.


  1. Nice one guys,
    with a tough week of running
    looks a good time.
    Markus that is an under 1h for the 10mile, good test for your Rotterdam. Considering that you were not fresh, you are going to be ready for something in the middle two forties ... training does not lie!!!

  2. Jap. Should be time for some damage in Rotterdam. Looking forward to the taper... Check for some gate river run videos.

    Time for another win for you today week.


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