Sunday, 22 March 2009

Summary: Week 12/2009

i just took it easy after i came back from florida. it seems that i brought the good weather with me. the sun is shining and its pretty dry.

this saturday i did my last long and hard session leading into the rotterdam marathon in 2 weeks. my, at the moment injured, training partner markus paced me on the bike. we went out for 100 minutes in marathon pace with a drink every 20 minutes and gels like planned in the race. after my last test in florida last week this run gave me confidence in a solid marathon. for the next weeks its time to relax and get some short hard sessions in.

on sunday i restored my bike. the weather was still good so shane and i decided to hit the road with an easy spin. this was my first bike ride this year. it felt good and the weather was on our side. no rain.

the main highlight of this weekend was simones 2nd win in a row at the connemara marathon. he managed to clock a 2:40 on that extremly hilly course. congrats simo, great job!

uli destroyed his 15 k PB from last weekend (Jacksonville 15k) at the New York Colon Cancer Challenge 15K. He finished in 9th place with 50:57.


  1. Hi man, time for an easy long together, finally is time for you to enjoy your training and put in one the rotterdam roads!!!

    You will do well, I'm sure, you did all your home work!

    see you on sunday,
    ps:Connemara was great, I'll tell you about it, great feeling, all the workouts and sessions did pay out very well.

  2. All things Italian

    As the race report on the Connemara Marathon website puts it:
    "All things Italian was the order of the day". Congratulations to Simone Grassi on his second successive victory in the Connemara Marathon. On such a difficult course, two in a row is an outstanding achievement. His winning time this year was 2 hrs 40.24.


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