Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday - day ten at the big brother house

Everything comes to an end. So is our little training vacation.

The "undefeated I.phone google maps world champion" Uli found a killer route beside clermont. Beautiful landscape with perfect sand roads in a "kenian style". Our workout started with the sun rising. With a moderate pace we ran a bumpy loop between fields and orange plants. A run to remember. The legs are tired so the 120' weren't that easy to the end. We also met the fast guys from princeton university. To fast for us...

Another highlight was a visit at the NTC (national training centre) after breakfast. This thing is walt Disney world for endurance athletes. Pool, gym, track... you name it. We worked out in the pool and later in the gym. Just for the gosip ill mention that nina kraft (google for details...) was onsite aswell. Uli was excited... I prefered the college workout - niiiiiceeee.

Now im waiting at the gate to catch my flight back to dublin. 10 days went on so fast - too fast.


  1. good paddy's day man, have a smooth fly back,
    let's speak about next weekend!!!

  2. mile grazie simo. I give ya shout when I'm back... Take care.

  3. dood...
    sunrise - I guess. or was it?
    cheers from gate 77 (that hot chick took the flight to atanta - rockin redneck)
    M C stalk

  4. Rise ! So ein scheiss...

    Greetings from gate 28. Feeeeck it, will ya.



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