Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Een jong ventje verhuist van het platteland naar Rotterdam.

the calf is getting better day by day.

im warming the thing up with my heat-pack on a constantly basis. feels good and loosen the muscle. the little test yesterday went fine and an half hour easy jogging was no problem at all. to get a bit of active recovery i got a swim in as well. it really helped to relax the legs. just took the pull bwoy and the "ebbo fresh memorial bike tube" to avoid my legs working too much.

after receiving the last email from the rotterdam organizers im getting really keen to go over. haven’t decided yet when im flying to amsterdam. likely its going to be saturday morning. then ill take the train directly from schipol to rotterdam (45 minutes journey).

Bring it on!


  1. digger,
    ich wünsch dir mega viel erfolg für sonntag. Lass rocken. unter 4er schnitt erwart ich schon von dir, da muss was gehen!

  2. thx.

    Ich gebe mein bestes...

    Alles fuer den dackel - alles fuer den hund... ;-)


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