Wednesday, 27 May 2009

158 days

Still resting. I feel better but i prefer to not run at the moment. My right calf is not back to 100% so i try to recover completely this time.

To maintain a certain fitness it´s biking and swiming only at the moment.

I dont rush things. No big races are lined up in the very near future so i can relax and wait for the calf to get back to 100%!

The main thing that keeps me motivated is the outlook to the 1st of november - New York City Marathon. The spot is safe. The flights are booked.

Im so keen on running new york - state of mind!


  1. ...and we are present!!! Flight and Hotel are booked.


  2. place secured, flight booked ... it is all about New York!!! It may be my next one as well, running may need a little longer than expected, but as you said about bike it can be great. Low gears and high frequency, my first 55km on thursday, today I hope to go for a 2 hour ride.

    we will have so much fun in NY, I can already feel the effort on the Queensboro bridge, the boost of the crowd at the beginning of the 1st avenue and when it will disappear on the Willis Avenue Bridge in Bronks. The training effort is well well worth for that


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