Thursday, 14 May 2009

Race(?)report: Three-Rock Ticknock

miserable day for me at this wednesdays hill race.

you can´t race without passion. you can´t race with fear. today exactly this two things were missing in my race setup.

the weather was shitty as always. after 4 days of pure sun it had an end today. wind, fog and rain were the layout for the Three-Rock Ticknock. 207 mountain runners lined up.

right from the start i felt something was wrong today. i didn´t had the "head" to race. i couldn´t push and i feared to crash on that technical rocky course.

this sunday i´m running the half-marathon in my hometown heilbronn where i need my a-game. i had this always in my mind and the fear to hurt myself on the rocks or crash in that slippery environment never went out of my thoughts.

the course was class. perfect mountain running environment. not for me today.

44:53 h for 10k in the mountains and place 39. my training run today - good night...


  1. You've had a lot of races lately - sooner or later they were going to catch up with you. At least if you feel that this was a training run then the half should be better at the weekend. Good luck...

  2. thx darren.
    Talk to you soon.
    Killer race in duesseldorf...

    Any plans for a fall marathon?

  3. No plans yet - I'll just see how the next couple of months go. After the track season ends I'll have another think about it.


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