Saturday, 18 July 2009

RACEREPORT: adidas Irish Runner 5 mile, Dublin, Ireland

Perfect running conditions this morning for the first race of the adidas series in phoenix park.

After a good training week i was keen to race. Around 5.000 people lined up for that 5 Miler. The warm-up was pretty short as shane, martin and i had the usual trouble getting to the start area.

I should have learned from the last few races that going out fast is NOT good for me. the gun sounded and i didnt think one second and just ran on. The pace felt alright as the road was going slightly downhill. even after the 1st mile when the course went really downhill i thought the pace is fine - it wasn´t.

i couldnt really relax and i never found my rhythm. the endurance is there but, as previously said, my running technique is a pain in the &%$@65. i stretch and i focus on technique training but it slightly gets better. i need to "de-stiff" that 1,90 meters!

anyway - i ended up with a 29:16 in 60th place on that hilly course. my worst 5 Mile time ever.

Thanks to Darren from RACEPIX365 for the pictures!


  1. Hey,

    That photo at 3 mile was taken by me. I don't remember seeing you pass by though! If I did I'd have given you a shout.

    I know what you mean about needing to loosen up when you run. Some of the photos I see of myself I can't believe how stiff I look in the upper body.

    I don't think you could have not gone fast on the first few miles of that course.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello darren,

    I didn't see you aswell (wot a surprise...)

    As always thanks very much for racepix365! Kept the office busy this morning ;-)

    we have to look into a "Pilates for plus 1,85 m runners" class. It's head wrecking!

    I saw your track season is going on well. Have you made your mind on a fall marathon (Frankfurt?).

    Hope to catch you soon for some park running.


  3. I won't be doing a fall marathon this year. I'll be finishing on the track, then a few 10k road races and then cross country. The next marathon will more than likely be Dublin 2010.

    Send me a mail sometime if you want to meet for a run.

  4. Def. Give ya a shout on some park-running!

    Do I see ya at the st.James 6.5k tomorrow?



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