Sunday, 27 September 2009

Recap WK 39

the story for this week is quickly told. had to take monday, tuesday and wednesday off due to the fact that my left little toe is swollen.

thursday i got the bike and went out for a spin around the kildare backroads.

i tested my foot with a 30 minutes jog on grass. the foot felt fine and i was confident in the race on saturday. eventually i had to drop out as the toe was hurting again.

after the race on saturday i went for a nice spin on sunday. i cycled parts of the st.kevins way in the wicklow mountains. the route was very close to be a cyclo-cross route. scenic panorama but rough weather.

now i hope for my toe to get better. ill have to get the run miles in.

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  1. take care Markus,
    first recover from the toe,
    then you still have time for another 2-3 weeks of good work for New York.

    I'm working to be able to run with you, would be nice, 4'/km is doable, I hope to be with you in Central Park in 5 weeks time!


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