Friday, 11 September 2009

Tempo, tempo...

like last week, thursday was a "fast" day for me. since 4 days the weather is stunning. sunshine and 18 °C - perfect training weather over here.

after 20 minutes warm-up with some strides and technique training i went out for a 30 minutes tempo run on the back roads. like last week i tried to start of with a fast but very controlled pace. i focused on stride and arm technique.

my tempo-run route is pretty flat, only at the end of the course there are some steep brigdes. as always i turned around in front of the famous K-Club golf course (Ryder Cup venue in 2007). the first 20 minutes of the run flew buy and i felt good.

Since i increased the mileage the problems with my right calf stopped. its crazy - little running hurts my body more than huge mileage and intensive workouts. at all i shouldnt overdo it. It a very thin line with running and marathon training.

i pushed hard for the last 10 minutes and went "flat out" for the last 5 minutes. during the end i felt that my brain "reacts" better to the pain. since running more less regular hard and intensive workouts i can feel the reaction and the willingness. thats what training is about.

Final mileage for the day: 14 kilometres


  1. Hi There,
    I see running is going ok, gut gut!!!
    myself I was able to put, finally a kind-of-long, 25.5km, a bit hilly with a decent speed. Maybe maybe maybe can be a little sign for New York, I can still think to run with you, at least for a while .. I think the 4'/km is now my best option, finger crossed
    We get in touch soon!

  2. good news simo. don´t rush things!

    NYC wont be your last race.

    Boston registration just opened 2 days ago ;-)

  3. Boston would be great, but the budget is screaming, I will do a 2010 of cheap one, I think!!!
    Anyhow I have my usual appointment, Connemara, how can I miss it? :D

    I'll email you soon, even better I will try to chat with you online. I fly to Dublin the 24th of October, we have to organize a double evening/morning as last long for New York. Like saturday evening/sunday morning ... or sunday evening and monday morning doing 20km of the dublin marathon ... you have the duty to find 2 free bib numbers ;)

    it is a great one,
    marathon pace +20" the evening before, and progressive the second one finishing with 5-10k marathon pace. Dinner very light to start the second one in depletion.
    Just works very well, mind and body. Mentally is tough but does not kill legs, and you have a nearly total depletion of energy, and after 7-8 days (known by studies) you have a pick in energy stored in muscles due to that.

    I did that before Connemara 2009, Belfast 2008 and Reggio Emilia 2008, probably my best 3 marathons.

    talk soon


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