Wednesday, 28 October 2009

In town!

Back in NYC - Yeah!

like the last three trans atlantic flights i was lucky to get a brilliant seat up front. huge legspace! i slept 60% of the flight and as i did all my immigration procedure at dublin airport i didnt had to wait at JFK airport immigration (the whole thing to me ages the last time coming in from frankfurt...) and was in manhattan in minutes - easy travelling.

it really felt a bit strange when i went for a shakeout run with uli in central park just shortly after i arrived. The travel was so fast and smooth. Really didnt get the usual travel excitement. Good though!

So happy to be back. Feels a bit like "groundhog day" alright, a wet day though. it is raining like mad and forecast doesnt look good for sunday either. Lets hope for the best. You cant change it anyway.

this morning central park was surprisingly empty. the americans dont like running in the rain. very little crowd in central park despite race week. we ran our last faster session.

tune of the day - Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind


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