Tuesday, 1 December 2009

La dernière - La Saintélyon

it started with a little chat during one of the weekly "wednesday night runners" sessions in the tallaght hills. aisling was talking about a "short" ultra somewhere in france.

a "short" ultra? i wasnt too sure about that combination. days later emails got exchanged and the race got a name and a character - La Saintélyon, a 69k run from st.etienne to lyon.

the interesting part of the whole thing was not that it is 50% on roads and 50% on trails, it starts at midnight. all runners must wear headtorches and special vests. the long tradition (it is the 56th edition), the unusual conditions and the spectacular pictures on the website made me keen to try this one out.

never ever in my life i covered the distance of 69k with running only. im exited now to fly over to france and get my feet on the course around lyonnais.

official website 

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