Saturday, 4 December 2010

All you can eat - я хочу есть

I was just browsing the "Invited Runners (Overseas)" Entry List of this sunday's 64th Fukuoka International Marathon.

One guy immediately caught my attention. It was Dmitry Safronov. A 29 year old russian marathoner.

Nothing really exiting so far. But what caught my special attention was his body height. For a top marathoner he sports incredible 190cm. That is exactly the same height i have to deal with.  But the next fact worried me. His body weight is stated as 70kg. That is really incredible and hard to believe for me - That's a BMI of 19.4! My body weight usually bounces between 78kg and 81kg (BMI 22.2). Another 10kg lighter - how is that going to work?

The question could be answered pretty easy as his passport was issued in russia. Anyway - "Slim Dim" has a PB of 2:11:51 which gives him enough time to get showered and have (his usual small portion) food until he can shake hands with me as i cross the finish line. Kind of motivating to see him a bit earlier. Same height - same speed?

Maybe i should loose those 10kg. Maybe...

EDIT: Dmitry finished 2nd in a time of 2:10:12 (new PB) 

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