Monday, 13 May 2013

Simple does it

It is kind of senseless what you can make out of the most rudimentary and humble things. Even writing a post about it seems to be over-obscuring but I need to get that right. At least for myself.

I understand that people need images. I know that people love to relate. I know that people love to be seen as something they think they are. I am the same. Everyone to a certain extend is, I guess.

Especially in running it is a waste of time and energy. While one should put the focus on training or racing people are more fanatical becoming a marathoner, ultra-runner, mountain-runner, fell-runner, road-runner, trail-runner, stair-runner, backwards-runner, track-runner or whatever definition there is. Waste of time.

No matter the underground, surface or event. Running is simple and that is the utter magnificence of it. Put away all these images and styles and just enjoy the actual movement and the peace it delivers.

Track or Trail, Road or Stairs – it is just about being outside with yourself and putting one foot in front of the other.

Striding away around Laguna Del Laja, Chile.  

Tune of the day: MC Rene - Mein Leben ist ein Freestyle

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  1. True words, bro! Let's keep that in mind for TAR!


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