Friday, 6 September 2013

This stage race throughout the alps – Episode 6

Again. What a day. What a stage.

What should you transcribe each and everyday about those extraordinary trails and scenery we are able to run through. As we arrived on Messner country AKA South-Tirol from Switzerland it was pretty special for me. As a child I spend loads of holidays with my parents in this part of the world. Having been around this place for quite a while it was spectacular and overwhelming to say at least.

The course paid into it as it was pretty runnable all day. Hendrik and I cruised along nicely and gained a good amount of places. The team spirit is growing on and on and I’m feeling better and better every day.

Kind of weird – there are only three days left!

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  1. Markus this is an awesome race. It's so cool to see the photos each day and hear that you're running well late in the race. I sure hope that there will be a video made with your GoPro footage when you're done.

    Enjoy the last stage tomorrow!


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