Friday, 6 June 2014

Triathlon 78 Ingolstadt

Triathlon kinda sucks.

Well, it's not the actual sport that sucks. To me some of the competitors are just a bunch of weirdos. Taking the love for this beautiful sports to extends I personally can not relate to. Still there are so many distinctive races our there that I love to do. I love swiming in open water, I love riding my bike and I do love running.

Triathlon made me a runner and a fan of the outdoors. Triathlon certainly changed my life and my perspective towards it.

When I heard about the idea of a retro triathlon incorporated in the Ingolstadt triathlon I was hooked and loved the idea. So did Steffen and Hannes. We strapped the whole weekend into a birthday present for our friend Fabse and drove down to Bavaria for some all out racing the oldskool way. With beautiful facial hair and speedos!

After wading thru old running and bike gear we were more than prepared to sport the neon 80s Lycra and the plain and gracious steel frames.

The concept of plain oldskool battling is just great. Unfortunately not to many people took it to the extend we did. There have to be more people out there that lack the hunger for the sport and not the profilic touch! Get at it lovers!

Tune of the day: Louis Bell - 401 at 2 AM

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