Friday, 27 March 2015

Shoeporn: La Sportiva - Helios SR

While a current test ride in La Sportiva’s Helios (check this) left me with tons of off-road excitement and a consistent associate through trails and muddy forest alleyways, the Italians are back with an updated version of this distinguishing off-road shoe.

Although the previous Helios was per definition a “mountain running” shoe, the Helios SR is per definition a “skyrunning” shoe. As running is one of the plainest exercises, it looks like the latest trend in off-road jogging asks to fill some more marketing cracks. Well, if “skyrunning” is highlighting the more technical part of “mountain running”, the Helios SR is closely what would suit for this kind of racing and running style.

Whilst a lot of trail running shoes are a copy of a copy of a copy, the Helios SR undoubtedly sticks out with the representative FriXion XT sole. Like the former Helios this sole works tremendously well and creates a faithful feel in the grip of this shoe. As the shoe could be described as a racing flat, it is essential to have a sole that brings a “grippy” performance when there is not much protection against bending within this low-cut shoe. With an additional rock plate the newest Helios SR is made for seedy and rocky trails and supports the performance of the sole without making it feel heavier or even harder and tighter towards the overall flexibility. As for myself I found the grip in this shoe further improved compared to the old model. Saying that I found the SR to be less comfy on tarmac. This shoe is made for rocks and technical trail. No doubt about that.

Another big difference to the former model is clearly the changed toe box. Although I love the present one the SR does not bid as much space and overall has a snugger fit. Saying that, it utterly makes sense to shape this kind of shoe a bit firmer and therefore allow less move in the shoe. I would love to have a go with to Helios SR on a course like the Dolomites Skyrace. The steep up and tricky downs on rocky trail with loose rocks would suit this one seamlessly. Speaking of the toe box it never was a huge problem for me. To get a full impression I used all sorts of socks from very lean to thicker ones and never really felt too tight. Saying that I have to point out that I prefer my laces not to be too tense which helps a lot with this shoe I guess. I consider this shoe as a racing shoe for techy mountain running, cross duathlons or triathlons as it would be perfect without socks.

Yet again a class act by Val die Fiemme’s very own La Sportiva. Grazie mille.

Tune of the day: Karen Silver - Nobody Else

A forceful item. Picturesque!
Sole Glance
Italo Funk - The unique stylishness sticks out.
Scuderia La Sportiva
In love with mountains since 1928. Some nice details on the tongue.
This kid likes to run fast.
Some nice view on the aggresive sole. The main feature of the Helios SR.
Bow side - La Sportiva strikes again.
Trustworthy partner.
Sir Grip-a-lot. No excuses!

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