Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Pocasts. Again.

It has been a good while since I posted my preferred podcasts. With no TV at home and a lot of time devoted to running, car driving, travelling and cycling I use the time to update and treat me with a diverse choice of podcasts.

The last few months I was listening frequently to the following shows. Feel free to share your favourite stuff in the comments section below.

99% Invisible
Weekly survey of the process and influence of design and architecture - LINK
Reply All
Everything interweb - LINK
Weekly bizarre shit. German only. Sorry. - LINK
Uptowns Finest
Wicked Hip-Hop show. Every two weeks. Lots of german rap. Deadly - LINK
Audible Treats
Another Hip-Hop Podcast. Featuring up and coming under-the-radar artists. - LINK
TED Radio Hour
Audio journey through fascinating ideas. - LINK
The Big Interview with Graham Hunter
For all you football nerds - LINK
Radio Juicy
Classy Hip Hop stuff - LINK

Tune of the day: Kaytranada - Go Ahead / The Stephan Shay story (Must read material)

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  1. Lots of marketing stuff these days (Duct Tape Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Pros, UnPodcast, Marketing Companion, Six Pixels of Separation) - only recommended for (small) business owners like me.

    HBR Idea Cast and first 15 min. of TRS Radio might be more interesting.


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